The Mo2Go Platform, is a software app for fast, secure video delivery (2 hour movie in approximately 1 minute).

The Mo2Go advantage over current traditional streaming and downloading is reliability (no buffering, etc.) and speed (2 hour movie in approximately 1 minute). Traditional streaming or downloading requires an Internet connection, which can be problematic due to increasing bandwidth limitations. Bandwidth is being throttled with many people streaming/downloading movies.

The premium Mo2Go solution solves this by “Wireless Downloading” without the Internet, when in range of a Mo2Go SpeedSpot server. Endless movies and other content can be downloaded by multiple customers simultaneously exactly like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple, etc. only Extremely Fast and Interruption-Free! Mo2Go is perfect for bandwidth constrained areas such as emerging countries, rural communities, and high traffic locations (shopping centers, airports, trains, etc.).

Traditional Streaming & Downloading => Over the Internet (Extremely Slow – 2 hour HD movie in 15-30+ minutes on average)

Mo2Go => Wireless Downloading (Extremely Fast – 2 hour HD movie in approximately 1 minute)

Mo2Go deployment is cost-effective and can be easily installed internally or with partners. Mo2Go, a scalable, simple modular turnkey solution, removes content from the backbone and distributes it to offline media caches. This allows delivery to be independent from bandwidth constraints, alleviating massive strain on the network and postponing costly upgrades to infrastructure. A demo of the prototype can be viewed here.

Mo2Go creates a new, lucrative revenue stream from a variety of video content (movies, games, health, education, sports, etc.) delivered to millions of untapped customers that are not able to stream/download or want to stand in lines. This is potentially millions of gained revenue – a $20 billion per annum commercial opportunity.


Mo2Go Value Proposition

  • Adds complementary features to other video delivery system
  • Multiple fields of use including AI, AR, VR, entertainment, education/training, sports, etc.
  • Increases reach to new customers especially in bandwidth restricted areas (high traffic locations (mass transit, malls, etc.), rural communities, developing countries, etc.)
  • Creates a new, lucrative revenue stream from video content delivered to untapped customers – $20 billion per annum commercial opportunity


The Mo2Go Platform

  • Mo2Go SpeedSpot – An Over-the-Top (OTT) solution that provides on-the-go downloading in seconds of secure content to smart devices.
  • Mo2Go HomeSpot – Provides media management and local downloading/streaming in seconds to registered smart devices throughout the house.
  • Mo2Go Web – Enables account and content library management.
  • Mo2Go App – Enables loyal playback and removal of content. The mobile app is the primary interface to the Mo2Go SpeedSpot and Mo2Go Web.

Please see the demo of Mo2Go in action.


Mo2Go SpeedSpot* Advantages

On-the-go downloading

  • Fast – 2 hour movie in approximately 1 minute
  • Reliable – No interruptions, latency/buffering or connectivity issues
  • Scalable – Accommodates hundreds of simultaneous requests
  • Versatile – Supports growing file sizes and formats (HD, HDX, UHD/4K, etc.)
  • Accessible – 24/7
  • Secure – Encrypted DRM
  • Convenient – Constant supply of content; no lines or return trips
  • Seamless – View immediate; transfer to registered smart device; play on TV using Mo2Go HomeSpot or another device

*Does not use the internet for delivery of digital content


Mo2Go HomeSpot Advantages

In-home downloading/streaming

Versatile – Supports shifting media formats (HD, HDX, UHD/4K, and beyond) and consumer demands

Flexible – Plays directly to your TV or download/stream content directly to any registered Mo2Go clients

Reliable – No interruptions, latency/buffering or connectivity issues

Accessible – Content can be distributed to any registered device or pre-downloaded 24/7, ready to be viewed when you want to watch the movie

Convenient – Constant supply of content; no lines or return trips


Mo2Go Partners/Distributors

Potential Mo2Go SpeedSpot locations:

  • Airports
  • Buses, trains, planes, and drive-by
  • Cafes, gas pumps. ATMs and kiosks
  • Shopping malls, hotels and apartment buildings
  • Hospital waiting rooms
  • Grocery stores
  • Fast food restaurants

Potential Partners – Customers:

  • Memory manufacturers (e.g. flash)
  • Hardware manufacturers (e.g. cell phones)
  • Content owners (e.g. movies)
  • Carriers (e.g. cell phone services)
  • Distribution (e.g. kiosk)
  • Other Partners-Customers


Mo2Go Partner Advantages

Mo-DV is licensing the Mo2Go platform service to enable Partners to:

  • Offer Differentiated Fast, Secure, and Reliable Service
  • Reach New Markets
    • Leverage your existing infrastructure to extend access
    • Overcomes the capacity constraints of today’s public network-based solutions
    • Mitigates the strain of streaming and fluctuating capacity demands
    • Alleviates stress on an already overburdened internet infrastructure
    • Gives competitive and early adopted advantage to Partner
  • Tap into New High Margin Revenue Streams
    • Attract new consumers by expanding service offerings
    • Have the flexibility to package your services according to market demand
    • Enables additional means of monetizing access points
    • Provides additional channel for revenue generation from the same content
  • Leverage Consumer Analytics
  • Expand Fast
    • Mo2Go is a plug and play turnkey solution, making deployment and expansion easy to gain market presence and penetration.


Mo2Go Advantages Summary

  1. The Mo-DV patented Mo2Go platform service is today’s solution for mobile delivery and next generation media needs
  2. Rapid and secure content delivery (e.g. a 2 hour movie in approximately 1 minute), increasing content sales
  3. Overcomes the cost and capacity constraints of today’s public network based offerings
  4. Allows partners to take advantage of the exploding growth in the quality and quantity of mobile content to smart devices
  5. Ensures content is protected via modular DRM and monitored via intelligent analytics
  6. Mo2Go SpeedSpot delivers secured content faster than ever before