Mo-DV technology supports shifting media formats and consumer demands, and can turn your backbone service into a premium, differentiated offering.

With the burgeoning bandwidth, spectrum and back haul issues, delivering secure, high quality digital media to the masses is becoming more complex. High demand content like movies, games, global sporting events, and even video healthcare have stretched the limits of streaming. This causes increasing erosion in quality and poor consumer satisfaction.

As a result, regardless of which premium service, the customer has a poor video viewing experience full of interruptions, delays, and connectivity issues throughout a movie or other content.

  1. Traditional downloading is slow, the average 2 hour HD movie can take 5-30+ minutes to download depending on local Internet speeds and system usage
  2. On the go downloading/streaming such as at airports is next to impossible due to the lack of stable, reliable mobile bandwidth

Yet consumers not only demand, but simply expect HD content on any and every device, from their homes to their phones. Mo2Go solves this problem in a secure way.

Mo2Go offers a competitive and early adopter advantage to Fortune 100 telecom companies, regional network providers, or content distributors by delivering a premium solution. This is a very opportune time for mobile media technology to deliver a superior consumer experience that can future-proof your delivery system.


What is Mo2Go?

Mo2Go is a content delivery software platform that offers a superior alternative to traditional downloading/streaming. Mo2Go delivers secure, licensed media content anytime, anywhere.

Customers receive a premium service that is fast and reliable, free from interruptions, delays and connectivity issues. With Mo2Go, the average 2 hour HD movie can be downloaded in less than 60 seconds.

Key system components include:

  • Mo2Go SpeedSpot (on-the-go downloading/streaming) – An Over-the-Top (OTT) solution that delivers high quality, secure content to smart devices in seconds.
  • Mo2Go Web – The web interface that lets consumers easily manage their accounts and their contentlibrary from any browser.
  • Mo2Go Players – The client interface on mobile devices for Mo2Go SpeedSpot and Mo2Go Web which enables local playback and removal of downloaded content.
  • Mo2Go HomeSpot (in-home downloading/streaming) – Provides media management and local downloading/streaming to registered devices such as laptops, tablets, and Smartphones in seconds throughout the house.
  • Mo2Go Flash (pre-loaded content) – Delivers pre-loaded content on flash (USBs, SD cards, etc.), supporting even the highest resolution formats including Ultra High Definition 4K and beyond.

Please see the demo of Mo2Go in action.


Mo2Go Partner Advantages

  • Offer Differentiated Service – Offer consumers fast, high quality, high definition, secure content delivery. Other services such as kiosks, streaming, expensive cable or satellite subscriptions can’t compare.
  • Reach New Markets – Leverage your existing infrastructure to immediately extend access to content where access has been prohibitive in the past. By eliminating the buffering and latency issues so common in streaming, your current network can now serve the content that was simply too bandwidth intensive before.
  • Tap into New Revenue Streams – Attract new consumers by expanding service offerings to include media and entertainment options. Have flexibility to package your services according to market demand, including premium pricing for the latest formats like 4K and 8k.
  • Monetize Growing Digital Content to Smart Devices – Each vertical such as entertainment, games, health, etc. has the potential for billions of revenue dollars. By 2020, Gartner estimates that there will be 25 billion Smartphones, tablets and PCs.
  • Expand Fast – Installation is simple and fast. Local partners can easily setup the system with an essentially turnkey solution. There is no technical expertise required. Simplified deployment and expansion makes it easy to gain market presence and penetration.


Mo2Go Consumer Benefits

Mo2Go offers 24/7 delivery of high quality content with lightning speed, for a superior viewing experience. Fast – A feature length 2 hour HD movie is delivered in less than 60 seconds

  • Quality – Media content without the dropping, skipping, and pixelating typical with streaming
  • Versatile – Wide range of formats available—HD, HDX, UHD, 4K, 8K and beyond
  • Accessible – Content such as movies can be downloaded/streamed24/7 while on-the-go
  • Convenient – Eliminates the trip to a DVD rental kiosks—no more lines, out of stock disappointments, or return trips in your pajamas
  • Flexible – Wide selection of choices for content delivery— SpeedSpot, Web, HomeSpot and Flash


Mo2Go Benefits to Content Owners and Distributors

Mo2Go technology offers secure, efficient, and reliable content delivery, so you can offer premium content at a premium price with an experience your consumers will love. They’ll be coming back for more.

  • Scalable – Accommodates hundreds of simultaneous requests at a single Mo2Go SpeedSpot.
  • Monetization – Enables an additional means of monetizing access points.
  • Increase Revenue – Provides additional channels for revenue generation from the same content.
  • Premium – Customers will pay a premium for faster content delivery especially in Wi-Fi restricted and low latency areas such as airports.
  • Quality – Enhances user experience from rapid delivery speeds, especially as content quality and size continues to rapidly increase.
  • Efficient – Overcomes the capacity constraints of today’s public network-based solutions thus offering a high-bandwidth experience in traditionally low-bandwidth areas.
  • Analytics – Provides intelligent analytics for consumer use monitoring.
  • Security – Provides framework for digital rights management (DRM) implementation and enforcement. Additionally, Mo2Go Flash provides a security distribution mechanism that can be upgraded as needed.


Mo2Go’s Benefits to Network Providers

Network providers can breathe easier. The strain of streaming and fluctuating capacity demands is mitigated, while improving the consumer experience. This is technology at its best.

Offloads network traffic, saving significant capital expenditure otherwise necessary to upgrade networks to keep up with increasing consumer demand:

  • Moves content away from central servers to the edge of the network to mitigate bandwidth limitations and to deliver content quickly.
  • Alleviates stress on an already overburdened internet infrastructure.
  • Mo2Go SpeedSpot is an OTT delivery system that does not rely on Internet or Wi-Fi.


Mo2Go Summary

  1. The Mo-DV patented Mo2Go technology is today’s solution for mobile delivery and next generation media needs
  2. Rapid and secure content delivery (e.g. a 2 hour HD video can be delivered in less than 60 seconds versus 5-30+ minutes depending on local download speeds and system usage), increasing content sales
  3. Overcomes the cost and capacity constraints of today’s public network based offerings
  4. Allows partners to take advantage of the exploding growth in the quality and quantity of mobile content to smart devices
  5. Content protection ensures premium content can be protected via modular DRM and monitored via intelligent analytics
  6. Mo2Go improves the customer experience by delivering secured, high quality content much faster and more efficiently than ever before.