As smart device technology rapidly advances, the demand for mobile video traffic is only going to increase. This massive demand puts a premium on speed, requiring faster content delivery to a myriad of smart devices. However, there is a significant problem.

The availability and efficiency of traditional mobile broadband is unreliable, especially during peak times.  This is magnified when delivering large content files like feature films. In addition, traditional mobile broadband speeds can often result in slower, clunkier delivery and also depend  on device quality and user location. Complicating matters are the extra costs and hassles associated with carrier service plans and restrictions. The multimedia industry is in need of a solution that delivers a better experience; one that is convenient, cost effective and supports the growing demand.

The patented Mo2Go SpeedSpot is the solution, designed as an easy and secure access point to deliver quality content for on-the-go users. SpeedSpots are essentially distribution hubs ready to quickly provide content to any smart device, in strategically deployed locations such as airports, shopping malls and restaurants. Unlike a Redbox kiosk, SpeedSpots are quite small; much like the size of a laptop. Another benefit to using Mo2Go is that it does not require physical interaction with a kiosk. The SpeedSpot does not require a broadband connection, since the content is updated regularly from servers during off-peak hours.

Benefiting from far fewer technological restrictions, SpeedSpots can deliver content at approximately 1Gb per second – 80 times faster than the average US user speed of 12 Mb per second (Akamai Technologies 2015). That means the average movie can be downloaded in less than one minute, instead of up-to 30 minutes when using traditional broadband providers.

While the demand for the latest mobile video content increases, Mo2Go SpeedSpots will help lead the way for faster, easier, and cost-effective delivery to smart mobile devices.

Written by Kurt Wilson