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Mo2Go SpeedSpot™




Mo2Go improves the customer’s experience by wirelessly delivering content much faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Mo-DV turns an access point into a Mo2Go SpeedSpot to wirelessly deliver protected content to smart mobile devices. Mo2Go is an alternative and more flexible distribution channel that can provide fast downloads in seconds and or streaming without buffering lag depending on customers’ demand in specific locations (cafes, retail chains, airports, etc.). For example, a 2 hour HD movie can be delivered in less than 60 seconds versus 5-30+ minutes depending on local download speeds and system usage. The Mo2Go system secures content by utilizing commercially available digital rights management (DRM) systems, or Mo-DV’s own DRM system based on requirements from each vertical market.

Additionally, the Mo2Go solution addresses increasing mobile video traffic and the growing media formats such as HD, HDX, UHD, 4K and 8K. Mo2Go moves content to the edge of the network via strategically located SpeedSpots (versus remote servers) to increase the efficiency and speed of content delivery to the consumer, especially as content quality and size continues to increase.

Mo2Go Market Opportunities

Mo2Go drives value across the entire multimedia delivery supply chain:

For Consumers 

• Fast wireless content delivery in seconds (e.g. a HD movie can be delivered in less than 60 seconds versus 5-30+ minutes depending on local download speeds and system usage)
• Does not require the use of mobile carriers’ networks therefore we provide faster downloads with no additional data costs
• Mo2Go supports today’s on-the-go lifestyle

For Content Distributors & Owners

• Increase in revenue from more delivered content
• Can generate premium revenue stream from faster content delivery
• Increase in secure content delivery to the endpoint
• Scalable for large scale deployment at low cost with minimal modification
• Access to detailed analytics and auditing throughout the life of the file
• Implementation and enforcement of DRM
• Offloads network data traffic, saving significant capital expenditure otherwise necessary to upgrade networks to keep up with consumer data demand

Mo-DV Technology Capabilities

• Strong patent portfolio protecting the software includes four issued US patents, five pending patents, and several foreign patents/applications (Australia, China, India, Korea)
• Mo2Go software delivers protected high quality content to wireless enabled mobile devices at unprecedented speeds
• Plug and play solution that is easy to install and works with existing Wi-Fi locations
• Content protection ensures premium content can be protected via modular DRM and monitored via intelligent analytics

Mo2Go SpeedSpot Summary

1. Rapid and secure content delivery (e.g. a 2 hour HD movie can be in less than 60 seconds versus 5-30+ minutes depending on local download speeds and system usage), increasing content sales
2. Overcomes the cost and capacity constraints of today’s public network based offerings
3. Allows partners to take advantage of the exploding growth in the quality and quantity of mobile content to smart devices
4. Video distribution technology and international patent portfolio developed by team with over 100 man-years of experience in content distribution, media streaming and DRM
5. Mo2Go represents a better user experience for content delivery now and for years to come