Mo2Go Speedspot



Mo-DV’s patented technology provides the capability to securely, efficiently and cost-effectively download high quality video across any operating system in seconds.
Mo-DV turns a hotspot into a Mo2Go SpeedSpot™. Mo-DV’s software delivers protected high quality content to wireless enabled mobile devices at unprecedented speeds. Our Mo2Go SpeedSpotTM solution addresses the problems created by ever increasing mobile video traffic while supporting the ever growing media formats such as HD, HDX, UHD, 4K and 8K.
The Mo2Go SpeedSpot drives value across the entire multimedia delivery supply chain:
For Content Distributors
Wireless Carriers & Internet Service Providers
• Offloading of network data traffic, saving significant capital expenditure otherwise necessary to upgrade network capability to keep up with consumer data demand
• Customers will pay a premium for this convenience
• Catalyst for innovative services and new business models

Retail Partnerships
• Leveraging their physical footprints, creating new opportunities with content distributors
• More cost effective and unique delivery capabilities to multiple fields of use to generate incremental revenue
• New points of sale for download of any digitized video products to customers’ mobile devices
For Content Consumers
• Consumers can download movies at a Mo2Go SpeedSpotTM without the cost and hassle of typical carrier service levels and restrictions
• Mo2Go supports today’s on-the-go lifestyle
For Content Owners/Studios
• Faster and cost-effective solution for delivering content creates greater consumer demand – content is delivered in under 1 minute for an HD movie compared to current options limited by local download speeds and system usage e.g. an HD movie can take up to an hour
• Access to detailed analytics and auditing throughout the life of the file
• Implementation and enforcement of DRM
Mo2Go represents the only practical solution for delivery of high quality content now and for years to come.