With over 1 billion smartphones and over 320 million tablets to be sold by 2014 worldwide, the market is ripe with mobile entertainment consumers. CNET reported that the mobile video market will grow five times by 2014, but until now, expensive data charges and bandwidth restrictions found in cellular carrier networks for streaming content have inhibited this growth.

Mo2Go is a patented “entertainment delivery system” where in seconds, multiple users can simultaneously download full-length films via Wi-Fi to their Android, Windows, and Apple devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Without the high data charges or bandwidth restrictions found in cellular carrier networks, users within 100 yards of the Mo2Go Wi-Fi access point can download a 2-hour movie in only 30-60 seconds per film depending on the device.

Video content incorporates studio-approved DRM technology, and can be offered both for rental and sell-through consumption. Mo2Go customers can choose from 1000+ movie library, constantly updated with the hottest and latest blockbusters. There is no requirement for a mechanical kiosk or rental returns. What’s unique about the Mo2Go solution?

  • Granted patents for wireless delivery, issued in the US (8,028,173), Australia, Korea and China and pending in other jurisdictions. Three continuations are on file in multiple jurisdictions to expand the definition of “wireless” and “vending device.”
  • No requirement to interface with a physical kiosk – content previews, selection, payment, download, are all done from your mobile device.
  • Multiple OS Players and studio/label approved DRM for the devices download automatically and seamlessly with your selection – no need to download a separate app from a browser.
  • Multiple mobile devices are supported including Android, Windows, and Apple smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • Rapid downloads to devices in seconds, depending on the device.
  • Large library of content selections.
  • No rental returns.
  • No wireless carrier data charges for delivery of content.
  • Users within 100 yards of a Mo2Go Wi-Fi hotspot can use their device with Mo2Go – no intermediate devices like USB flash drives or memory card required for delivery.

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