Management Team

Jessica Fullmer, Founder & CEO
Sustained startup efforts 3 times, 10 years each, raised millions in capital and built teams worldwide. Previously consulted for organizations including HP, IBM, Intel, Loral, and Lockheed Martin. Served on 14 Board of Directors including West Coast Quality Forum (SEMATECH).

Ken Chu, CTO
Over 35 years of industrial experiences in engineering design, development and architecture, and management. Received his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and holds 39 issued and 10 pending U.S. patents. Previously at organizations such as Apple, PotalPlayer, Broadcom, and Macroport/Migo Mobile.

Greg Bohrn, Director of Technology
Over 20 years of experience in Security , DRM, Multimedia and Systems Engineering. Worked as Software Architect/Manager in multiple Startup companies and organizations such as Intel, Symantec, and Qualcomm.

Sanjay Prasad, IP Lawyer
Over 20 years of experience in business and legal aspects of intellectual property. Previously worked as Chief Patent Counsel to Oracle Corporation.

Simon Westbrook, Finance
Involved in three initial public offerings, two secondary public offerings, multiple public and private M&A transactions, and countless rounds of venture capital and angel financing. Previously at organizations such as Amber Networks, Sage, Creative Technology, and Atari Corp.