About Us

Since 2001, Mo-DV™ has been producing innovative Mobile Digital Video solutions. Mo-DV™ has nearly two decades of secure digital content delivery experience with seasoned executive and technical leadership and a deep intellectual property portfolio.

Vetted by Fortune 100 & 500 corporations for our first product, preloaded content on removable media, that was adopted and distributed anywhere.



Now offering a robust Mo2Go™ Software Suite, our innovative state-of-the-art content distribution technology is protected with a portfolio of worldwide patents.



Mo-DV™ has been very strategic; we recognized early on that digitized content would get bigger and more affordable. Also, that bandwidth, spectrum, and backhaul issues would increasingly grow over time.

We leveraged the portability of removable media. Then we leveraged the ever-growing wireless consumption by patenting and developing:

  • Mo2Go SpeedSpot™ – fast mobile content delivery without an Internet connection
  • Meshstash™ – new local network for faster content access at home and in the office
  • Mo2Go™ + Meshstash™ – crowd-sourced Mo2Go SpeedSpots everywhere

Mo-DV™’s suite of products is today’s solution for mobile delivery and next-generation content needs. Mo-DV™ improves the customer experience by delivering secured content much faster and more reliable than ever before.