Meshstash is a highly secure interconnected network for local area caching of content. Equipped with content caching memory and software, Meshstash creates a content-rich network as close to the user device as possible.

Meshstash can be tuned to optimize the use of ISP bandwidth or even be independent of the ISP. This means high-performance content delivery independent of Internet traffic. 

Meshstash deployment is inexpensive since the end-user usually buys or rents the Wi-Fi Access Point hardware.

Meshstashes can be Mo2Go SpeedSpots

With Meshstashes, Mo2Go SpeedSpots are a neighborhood’s CDN:

  • Every home and business has a Wi-Fi access point
  • Now the content cache is even closer to the client device
  • Can be centrally managed, or deployed ad-hoc peer-to-peer


What is the Meshstash value?


  • Fast content delivery performance independent of ISP bandwidth
  • Faster content download time with lower latency
  • Good content viewing experience even during peak bandwidth demand


  • Can offload content demand bandwidth burden in the home and office
  • Rapid, inexpensive deployment for fast critical mass
  • ISP can selectively design and tune Meshstashes with strategic device placement, key content preloading, and other factors
  • Mo2Go™ SpeedSpots™ everywhere

For example, ISPs can reduce demand by preloading a single copy of popular content to a Meshstash during off-peak hours.

While this technology is in development, there are multiple clear paths to revenue enhancement and cost savings.

Mo2Go and MeshStash together will take the world much closer to ubiquitous access to fast high-quality content delivery.