Mo2Go Flash

Mo-DV’s technology centers around “one flash memory device plays on all” platforms. Mo-DV’s cross-platform Multimedia Player brings movie, music video, and promotional video content to billions of memory-card capable mobile phones, tablets and PC’s in use today. It also permits large libraries of video and other records to be maintained on cell phones and for analytics data to be gathered and disseminated relative to that content.

Mo-DV’s Multimedia Player automatically orients and sizes content to fit different screen sizes and shapes ranging from low to full high resolution HD. The player itself incorporates Digital Rights Management (DRM) protecting the content from illegal copies. Mo-DV’s Multimedia Player runs on a variety of platforms including Android phones and tablets, Windows phones, and Windows PC platforms.


Mo-DV’s video codec is based on an international standard and delivers optimum performance with a minimum of overhead. Mo-DV has developed a proprietary encapsulation tailored to the unique requirements of memory cards for use in mobile devices and for USB flash drives used in PC’s. Standard encryption algorithms are utilized by Mo-DV’s proprietary DRM, which provides a high level of Digital Rights Management and anti-copy protection. From the outset it was the goal of the company to maximize security of content on memory cards. Since Mo-DV controls both the encoding and decoding processes, we can insert a code into the content itself which prevents unauthorized duplication. The unique compression envelope of the content file makes Mo-DV-protected memory cards extremely difficult to copy. Anti-copy protection and multi-platform play from a common file are the heart of Mo-DV’s technology.

Mo-DV has been granted several patents with precedence dates back to 2003 on its principal inventions. These inventions encompass the methodology of permitting a common video file to play on multiple operating systems and configurations of mobile phones and PCs. Other patent applications center around disseminating content on flash media through kiosks and vending machines, building of content libraries, analytic data collection and transfer, and a custom memory card controller.