The Fastest, Most Reliable Video Delivery Worldwide

Mo2Go delivers on the promise of the digital video revolution. Where impossible before, imagine 2 hours of HD video content delivered in approximately 1 minute to any smart device free from interruptions, delays and other connectivity issues. Now possible, Mo2Go delivers videos to mobile devices, fast, efficiently, and inexpensively without relying on the quality of the end user’s Internet service.

Using locally stored content, our Mo2Go SpeedSpots offer fast direct content delivery on demand to multiple mobile devices at once. Users interact with a transactional server to find, order, and pay for content or content subscriptions. Then user devices within range of a SpeedSpot (up to 100 meters (approximately the length of a soccer field)) can quickly and automatically download Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected, trackable content independent of Internet bandwidth constraints. The video content (entertainment, health, education, sports, etc.) can then be viewed using Mo-DV’s secure software video player on any number of devices.

The Mo2Go advantage over current streaming and downloading are reliability  and speed without buffering. Over the Top (OTT) streaming or downloading requires an Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth, often problematic in some places and at certain times such as emerging countries, high traffic locations (malls, airports, trains, etc.), and rural communities. Consequently, video playback is often  throttled, buffered, and even dropped when bandwidth is insufficient, e.g. when many people are streaming/downloading video simultaneously.

Mo2Go delivery is Extremely Fast and Interruption-Free! All video content is downloaded from the Mo2Go SpeedSpots

  • Traditional streaming and downloading => over the Internet — dependent on time, place, and cost of service — could be extremely slow, e.g. two hour HD video downloaded in 15 to 30 minutes or longer
  • Mo2Go downloading => automatically connected when in proximity of a Mo2Go SpeedSpot is extremely fast, e.g. two hour HD video downloaded in approximately one minute

Mo2Go product suite

Value for users

  • Fast — two hour high definition video in under a minute
  • Good viewing experience — no latency, no buffering, no interruptions
  • Convenience — seamless automatic download, no Internet connection required, simple operation (Mo2Go iOS, Android, or browser app for selecting content), ability to play and share content
  • Great for airports, trains, buses, bookstores, stores, malls, gas stations, hotels, etc.

Value for content providers (Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Hulu, etc.)

  • Reach untapped users globally — majority of the world without sufficient bandwidth
  • Secure — Digital Rights Management (DRM) for content
  • Analytics — collect and analyze user and system usage
  • Versatile — supports diverse content, sizes, and formats (HD, HDX, UHD/4K, 8K, etc.)

Value for network and Internet Service Providers (ISP) (Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, etc.)

  • New content delivery channel — potential new revenue source
  • Offload video demand burden from mobile devices reducing capacity constraints resulting in backhaul and bandwidth issues
  • Inexpensive Mo2Go™ SpeedSpot™ deployment
  • Cost Savings – reduce infrastructure development costs to meet customer’s demands

Mo2Go is a scalable, customizable, simple solution that is cost-effective to deploy.

See the demo of Mo2Go SpeedSpot in action.

Partner with Mo-DV

Mo-DV is seeking partners to deploy the Mo2Go product suite. Combining Mo-DV’s technology enhances your business plan to increase high-margin revenue (potentially generating billions per year, per field of use) and cost savings. This is new, lucrative, high-margin revenue from content delivery and advertising to millions of untapped users who do not have satisfactory or consistent Internet access:

  1. Partner licenses the Mo2Go Software from Mo-DV
  2. Partner provides video content, hardware and deployment locations

Mo2Go Summary – A Win for Both End Users & our Partners

  1. The Mo-DV patented Mo2Go Product Suite is today’s solution for mobile delivery and next generation media needs.
  2. Rapid and secure content delivery (e.g. a 2 hour HD video in approximately 1 minute), increasing content sales.
  3. Overcomes the cost and capacity constraints of today’s public network based offerings
  4. Allows partners to take advantage of the exploding growth in the quantity and quality of mobile content to smart devices.
  5. Ensures content is protected via modular DRM and monitored via intelligent analytics
  6. Mo2Go SpeedSpot securely delivers content faster than ever before.