Our commitment is to Sustainability, Economic and Environment


Mo-DV values open and honest business relationships with integrity. We uniformly practice this approach with customers, staff, investors, our Board of Directors, and the media. Mo-DV maintains a workplace that is respectful and free of discrimination.

To promote employee satisfaction, the Company provides compensation that is agreeable to all parties and considered fair and just for our industry.

Mo-DV honors human rights and internally promotes philanthropic activities that contribute to the quality of life and the environment.

Mo-DV strives to purchase from suppliers with high standards for environmental and social practices.


Mo-DV technology enables all content owners to reach smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Mo-DV serves as a powerful catalyst in the generation of new sources of revenue through its encouraging innovation and creativity. The Company is deeply committed to principles of sustainability, which prescribes business practices that improve market share while ensuring the well-being of life on earth.

We use our national and international business relationships to spread awareness about the link between sustainable business practices and profitability. We strive to foster development that encompasses, integrates, and balances social development and environmental protection.

The Company is dedicated to donating funds to local environmental agencies and broader sustainable efforts.


Our company leads the way in environmental awareness by leaving a light footprint as we conduct business.

Our partners and customers are encouraged to embed into their content a PSA promoting sustainable business practices or similar programs.

Mo-DV is committed to purchasing “green” paper and cleaning supplies, energy-star appliances, refurbished computers, and recycled packaging to reduce our internal energy and natural resource consumption. Mo-DV encourages the production of quality content to be used for fundraising opportunities.